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Steve Baker

The secret to success does not lie in knowing everything.  
The secret lies in knowing what you DON'T know and finding those who do.

Steve Baker is a founder of successful businesses, a corporate executive and business advisor with proven leadership in every phase of business cycle from startup to exit. He is known for his unique ability to generate immediate and sustainable improvements in business.

Steve directs strategic marketing and business development and has taken companies from startup to millions of dollars in revenues in such diverse industries as international travel, financial software, casinos, manufacturing, ergonomics, medical devices and chronic migraine headache treatment and an international wellness resort. 
He has developed new products and designed the sales and marketing campaigns to introduce them, while developing and training sales teams to catapult the programs to bottom line success. Throughout his business career, he has succeeded in establishing market power and leadership for his companies through innovative marketing approaches.
Steve has a long track record of promoting his companies by establishing strong corporate communications to create a complete presentation of the company to establish a high profile and credible image to customers, employees and the general public, while making the business capital attractive to investors.
In addition, Steve is the author of the book PUSHING WATER UPHILL With a Rake, which was honored with two writing awards in the business book category, and he writes business articles for Colorado Biz Magazine. 
He is a frequent public speaker and is director and host of the Startup Junkie Underground, an entrepreneurial networking organization of the DaVinci Institute, a futurist think tank. As a public speaker, Steve shares his contagious enthusiasm to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, business leaders,and college students.

Always an advocate for small business, Steve is a proud council member of the Colorado Capital Congress which works with business owners and legislators to help business grow in Colorado.
Steve is passionate about business and life, and
lives in Colorado where he is the avid poor golfer.

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"Paving Your Road to Success"


“Steve is quite simply dynamic! He kept our audiences mesmerized,
combining wit and wisdom as he shared his story along with his philosophy
on business and life.
Our organization really enjoyed him and
can’t wait to have him back!”

- Dr. Thomas Frey, Executive Director
DaVinci Institute


Speaking Topics:


How to be a Successful Failure

In a humorous yet thought provoking speech,
Steve shares the fun and  excitement
of creating an extremely successful business
as well as the shock, pain, and despair as
he watched it all explode. Steve is an example
that it's not if you fail, but how you handle failure
that counts.

One of the most serious consequences of
financial failure is failed relationships. Steve
shares why this happens and how it can be prevented.

Steve also customizes his topic for schools, pointing out to
to kids that they have just begun to fail...and that's Okay
because each failure is a step closer to achieving success.



Triangle Leadership
3 Steps to Supreme Leadership

From his forthcoming book, Steve shows how
you can become the most effective leader possible.
Steve details the three types of leadership levels, and
explains when they should and should not be used.
Steve's proven technique helps you get the
most from your employees while you create the
successful managers and leaders of the future. 

Steve's formula for Triangle Leadership is
effective for companies of all sizes.

 Triangle Leadership skills will also help you
become a more effective parent as you
guide your family in a positive direction


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