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Business consulting, author, public speaker, Sun City TX

The secret to success does not lie in knowing everything.  
The secret lies in knowing what you DON'T know and finding those who do.


As a founder of successful businesses, a corporate executive and business advisor, Steve Baker has the proven leadership in every phase of business cycle from startup to exit. He is known for his unique ability to generate immediate and sustainable improvements in business.

Steve directs strategic marketing and business development and has taken companies from startup to millions of dollars in revenues in such diverse industries as international travel, financial software, casinos, manufacturing, ergonomics, medical devices and chronic migraine headache treatment and an international wellness resort. 


He has developed new products and designed the sales and marketing campaigns to introduce them, while developing and training sales teams to catapult the programs to success. Throughout his business career, he has succeeded in establishing market power and leadership for his companies through innovative marketing approaches.


Steve has a long track record of promoting his companies by establishing strong corporate communications to create a complete presentation of the company to establish a high profile and credible image to customers, employees and the general public, while making the business capital attractive to investors.


Steve is the author of PUSHING WATER UPHILL With A Rake, which was honored with a national writing award. He is a frequent public speaker to business organizations and university students, speaking on the subject of entrepreneurship and ethics. After living and loving Colorado for nearly forty years, he now lives in Sun City Texas where he is an avid poor golfer and pickleball player.

Steve Baker
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