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Custom T-shirt, Business consulting, author, public speaker, Sun City TX

Why I made this shirt

It seems to me that world is turning into an ugly mass of constant complainers. so I made this shirt as my "editorial comment."

Also, I'm seeing more and more people of all ages complaining about anything from the temperature of their coffee to everything in their lives they deem to be unfair.

Common courtesy is becoming uncommon and more and more people are rude, self-centered and uncaring to others.


Complaining and negative attitudes become a habit that begins to eat away at you like a cancer until you're living with dis-ease.

Some may think this shirt is a political statement but it's not for me. I'm simply saying STOP, enough already, whatever it is, get over it.

No matter what's bugging you, remember there are others who have it far worse.

We are alive, which is a good thing, and I'm happy to live in a great country full of wonderful people.


So, help others take a deep breath, share a smile, a sense of humor and look for the wonderful goodness in our lives and those around us.


Oh, and quit your damn whining.

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