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Business consulting, author, public speaker, Sun City, TX

Listen to Steve's short radio interview where he shares business lessons and his thoughts on ethics that he has learned through winning and losing.
Steve Baker - Radio Interview

Attention Talk Show Hosts:  
Steve Baker would like to be your guest
Here's a few talk show reviews




"Steve Baker is a phenomenal guest with an incredible story. 
He's a real professional and easy to work with.
Steve was a joy to interview and helped me produce
one of the most powerful and exciting shows we have ever had.

I can't wait to bring him on the Trend POV Show again!"

 - Dr. Amy Vanderbilt, Host and Producer,
The Trend POV Show



“Steve has been one of my best guests. 
He combines a great sense of humor with a serious
thought-provoking discussion about handling failure
and moving on to success."

 - Mark Crowley, host
   The Mark Crowley Show
      KNUS 710 AM, Denver


“Steve adds a positive personal touch to his interview and
he knows how to work well with a host, giving a great flow
to the show.  I look forward to having him back.
P.S. I think his book should be a movie.”


 - Mike Sformo, host
   The Mike Sformo Show
   WBEN 920 AM Buffalo


“I had Steve as a guest on both my radio and TV shows.
He is a sharp businessman who was an inspirational and fun interview.
I had very positive comments after the shows”

- Larry Nelson, host
      W3W3 Radio and Colorado Rising TV, Denver, CO


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