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Business consulting, author, public speaker, Sun City TX

Book Reviews

What a book! Steve is one of the most helpful and insightful business writers I have ever met. His marquis book, Pushing Water Uphill With a Rake, is a MUST READ for business people and entrepreneurs. Steve is also an expert business advisor and speaker.                                                   
                                   Mike O'Neil, Pres/CEO Integrated Alliances LLC 


A compelling story that kept me turning pages. Full of action, suspense and humor not usually found in a 'business' book."

        - Larry Nelson, author "Master Change in the Midst of Chaos"
           CEO of & W3W3 TV



An enjoyable and worthwhile read. This book should be used as a teaching model for college business classes."

      - Sam Addoms, Chairman of the Board, Frontier Airlines, ret.



A  powerful real-life story that puts a human face on success and failure.  Steve has demonstrated that in the 'dog-eat-dog'
world of business, how you treat people during success or failure
is what really counts.”

- Robert J. Amedeo, Chief Operating Officer Altegris Investments



“Kudos to Steve! This book is full of great ideas. 
You’ll want to read it again with a highlighter.”

     - Robert M. Martinez, President/CEO, MKTG Corporate Partners



“Not only a riveting rollercoaster ride of a story,
Pushing Water Uphill is also a how-to book for business and life.”

– Roy Becker, author “A Banker’s Insights on International Trade”


I thoroughly enjoyed this book – what an interesting and powerful read. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I started it over the weekend and couldn’t put it down. What an incredible story – and amazing strength and perseverance Steve and his entire team displayed. Hats off to you Steve.

                                                                      Joy Milkowski, Denver, CO


I started reading “Pushing Water Uphill with A Rake” and couldn’t stop.  Matter of fact, it is the first and only book I have ever read in one sitting nonstop all the way through.  All I can say is Wow, Wow & Wow.  Thank you for sharing some of your life with me and others.

                                                                      Steve Stone, Denver, CO


What a great read, what a wild ride you and your partners had,
and what an amazing roller coaster of highs and lows you experienced. I was amazed at your frank and to the point disclosures in chapters 22 and 23 which really hit home for me. I had my wife read chapter 22 "The Worthless Knight in Rusted Armor", (as you really put it on the line here) because it really put into words what I always wanted to say to her after I lost my business. Now she knows how I felt.

For all of us crazy entrepreneurs, Thank You Steve!

                                                      Mike Schmidt, Colorado Springs, CO


I needed to read this book at precisely this moment in my life. It has helped me spiritually in ways I could not have reasonably expected ANY book to help. Thank you!

                                                                     Neil Chavez, Denver, CO


Loved the book. I had trouble putting the book down once I got started. I laughed, cried and felt a strong empathy for Steve as he went through the fun, exhilaration and the "crash and burn" of his business. In the business world this can so easily happen, but Steve kept his sense of humor and pulled himself out by his bootstraps and emerged a stronger person.

                                                                                            Deb Frey


My business is going through a very tough period and you helped put things in perspective for me and also gave me great ideas for growing my business. Thank you for writing this book! 
                                                                                   Charles J, Atlanta

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