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Business consulting, author, public speaker, Sun City TX

Inside The Book



  1. A Shaky Start

  2. The Stock Play

  3. Doin’ the Due Dilly

  4. On the Road Again

  5. Now What?

  6. The Surprise Addition

  7. Attention shoppers!

  8. Floating a New Idea

  9. What, No Centerfold?

  10. The Blue Light Panic

  11. Rabbit Out of a Hat?

  12. The Gathering

  13. Cash Begins With K

  14. Excuse Me, Was That With a B?

  15. Fasten Your Seat Belts

  16. Who Wants This Call?

  17. Waiter, This Is Not What I Ordered

  18. Man Overboard

  19. The Bastards Won’t Defeat Us

  20. Don’t You Just Hate Mondays?

  21. Pushing Water Uphill With a Rake

  22. The Worthless Knight in Rusted Armor

  23. Arranging The Deck Chairs 

  24. Lessons Learned

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